Sfoglia del Monte is a family business affectionate to the valours and traditions of their land.
Precisely this love for his family and his land have pushed father Vincenzo Garaffa to invest in wheat production and in particular in production of Ancient Sicilian Wheat varieties Russello.
Russello flour is a typical Sicilian product and it is at risk of disappearance, this type of wheat appears slightly dark, very aromatic and thanks to the very low glycemic index is more digestible. The spike of the Russello is tending to red, hence the name, has a kernels amber glassy, very long, the plant of this grain it has strong roots suitable even for shallow soils and is mainly cultivated in the province of Ragusa.

This company is conducted by 100% by women who courageously develop the work of transformation of the raw material already produced by the parent company: the Russello.
They produce more than twenty different formats of bronze-drawn pasta, wholemeal and white from Ancient Sicilian wheat flour, they make Pastificio Sfoglia del Monte a unique reality of its kind. This pasta is obtained with the use of semolina and water all exclusively from 0 km.